Map the Spider Contact Information

Launched September 2019

This site was launched in September 2019. At this time we are only asking for your help reporting locations of purse-webs via the Epicollect5 app. We'll set up a contact point and a map in the near future after we get some data. Thanks!

Report purse-web sightings

Use the Epicollect5 app to report sightings of purse-webs. If you are not sure if something is a purse-web or not, you'll need to gently touch it. Purse-webs will 'give' a little when you touch them, while non-web things like roots are rigid.

Other kinds of webs are present in the same habitats, but unless they are ONLY a tube of silk they are not purse-webs. Webs with threads making a 3D trap in space or forming silk sheets, bags, or funnels are not purse-web spiders. For example, funnel-web spiders are very common in the same places where you can find Atypids, but they make a sheet web that leads to a funnel with a hole; those are not purse-webs.

Questions about spiders or webs?

Map The Spider is specifically interested in current reports of purse-web sightings for building a map. To ask questions about any spiders and other invertebrates you find, including artifacts like webs, check out or Post a photo and volunteers will help you identify what you found and answer any questions you have.